It can be so frustrating to say the same thing over and over but they never seem to understand

Have ever said "why won't they ever pick up their stuff?" or "why won't they get rid of anything?" about your kids? Are you worried they will grow up and never find their shoes and be surrounded by every art project and birthday party favor since preschool?

I've developed ways to re-phrase the questions you ask your kids about organizing and ways to involve them in the planning of household systems can help get the whole family more organized. By signing up for my weekly Simple Solutions you can get these questions sent directly to your inbox.

Does this sound like you?

"Why won't they help me around the house?" "Why can't they just follow my directions?" "Why can't they do it the way I have showed them a million times?" It can be so frustrating to feel like your are saying the same things over and over but having no results. It may not be that they don't want to help, it may be that the process is too complicated or they are afraid to do it wrong.

But help is right around the involving your kids in the planning of the process, making it appropriate to their age and finding ways to encourage positive behavior, you can begin your path to less frustration and raising more organized kids.